StepJockey stair climbing and corporate wellness team members having a discussion in Cornwall office

Workplace Wellbeing

StepJockey is a digital health and property business dedicated to encouraging wellness and physical activity in the workplace.

We aim to label the buildings of the world for calorie burn - starting with the stairs.

The company was seed-funded by the UK Department of Health to help combat sedentary behaviour, one of the biggest single health risks for office workers. We are now backed by private investors and have a fantastic portfolio of health-conscious clients ranging from big banks and insurers to hospitals and universities all around the world.

StepJockey is committed to providing objective and trustworthy information on all aspects of health and wellness. We are an evidence-based business and are firmly focused on a ‘small steps’ approach to improved health - the key to sustainable behaviour change.


At the heart of the StepJockey's thinking is the idea that the world is a gym and can be brought alive as such. Foods are labelled with calories so we know what we’re consuming. StepJockey is about the other side of the equation; labelling the physical world for calorie burn to encourage physical activity.

We do this by providing a tested system for sign-posting and then gamifying the stairs of multi-storey buildings for calorie burn and health. It's a 'plug and play' wellness solution that fits seamlessly with most corporate wellness and active-design strategies. Benefits include:

  • Reaches ALL employees regardless of health status or mindset

  • Avoids the blockers to engagement - time, skills, self-consciousness

  • Pays for itself through time, energy and carbon savings

  • Scores highly on all major healthy building standards (WELL, Fitwel, LEED)
  • Leverages an existing asset - your stairs

Whole office

StepJockey differs from most other corporate wellness programs in that it works indoors and is specifically designed to engage the ‘whole office’ and not just the healthy-minded minority.

This is important because we spend up to 90% of our time inside and the gains to be made in workplace wellness are almost entirely dependent on organisations engaging those who are often hardest to reach.

We believe the starting point in this is visibility, or what behavioural economists call ‘salience’. To engage at scale, a health intervention needs a physical presence - one that provides a constant ‘nudge’ or call to action.

As the evidence shows, our Smart Signs provide that behavioural prompt in client buildings to great affect. They also provide a network through which our clients can 'gamify' health across their buildings using our popular stair climbing Challenges.

By installing StepJockey you are in effect permanently ‘wiring’ your business for health.

Further information

Please take time to have a look around our website, making sure to check out the health benefits of stair climbing - they are much more powerful than you might think.

HR and wellness managers should head to our HR and Wellness pages. FM and property managers should go to our FM and property pages.

If your company has not got the wellness bug yet but you want to champion stair use in your office as an individual, go to our free smart signs pages where you can download free paper smart signs. Your boss will get the message in the end!

If you have still got questions or want a quote or a demo please don't hesitate to get in touch - we would love to hear from you and we love to talk!

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