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An amazing year of stair climbing

2017 is almost in the books and it’s been another amazing year of stair climbing. StepJockey users all over the world have taken to the stairs and started taking small steps to better health.

From individuals who have rated their personal stairs and are using our free paper signs to large companies who are using StepJockey as part of corporate wellness initiatives - stair climbing has continued to grow in 2017.

Here’s what you have achieved this year.

  • 3,260 new staircases rated for calorie burn from Namibia to Mexico.
  • 588,004 stair journeys tracked by StepJockey users via the StepJockey app.
  • 4,499,957 calories burned in 2017 - that’s the same as running 1,730 marathons!
  • 47,958,428 steps climbed - equivalent to going up and down the Empire State building 25,784 times!
  • 6,485 active climbers in 2017 - almost three times the population of the Isles of Scilly.
  • 126 countries with staircases rated for calories burn including Gabon and Puerto Rico!
  • 7,387,528 vertical meters climbed - that’s the same as climbing right out of the earth’s atmosphere!
  • 41 stair climbing challenges completed, included our brand new Great Wall of  China challenge.

Whilst it has been fantastic to see the enormous amount of stair climbing that has taken place this year there is still more to be done. Sedentary behaviour accounts for an estimated 5.3 million deaths annually and costs companies huge amounts of money in sick days and lost productivity.

Let’s make 2018 even better and spread the power of stair climbing all over the globe.

Wondering how you can get involved in the stair climbing revolution? Download the app, rate your stairs, grab your phone and start climbing!

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