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As seen on TV: StepJockey boosts workplace health

Dr Michael Mosley and colleagues on the BBC’s “Trust Me I’m A Doctor” have shown how StepJockey can be used to make lasting increases in people’s exercise.

In the latest episode of the show, broadcast on 27 January 2016, the BBC worked with the NHS and academics from the University of Warwick to look at the effects of different forms of motivation to exercise among ordinary people.

Behavioural change specialist Claire McDonald, who advises the NHS and Royal Society of Public Health, and Ed Gardiner from the University of Warwick’s business design school worked with the BBC team lead by Dr Michael Mosley.

Rather than trying to make big commitments like joining gyms or taking up sports volunteers were asked to make small, simple changes as part of their existing daily lives. Our research at StepJockey shows this is the best way to forming lasting new habits.

During the experiment, people were asked to take the stairs, not the lift. StepJockey’s unique Smart Signs were erected around the workplace and participants downloaded the free StepJockey app to track their stair climbing and calorie burning progress.

The research found that those incentivised through competition and teamwork outperformed those who weren’t. It also found that those who collaborated were more motivated to exercise – a key feature of StepJockey’s unique Challenge gamification system.

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Read the full details of the research, including a comparison of the results, on the BBC website.

You can watch the episode of “Trust Me I’m A Doctor” free for a limited time.

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