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Four easy tips to beat the bulge and stay healthy this Christmas

The festive season is fast approaching and with it comes an onslaught of unhealthy rich foods, long sofa-bound days and sugar filled mulled wine.

To help you stay ahead and avoid having to loosen your belt buckle a notch or two in the coming weeks, we’ve compiled our top four tips to keep you active and healthy over the Christmas period.

1. Get your skates on


Take the family outside and away from the television screen this Christmas to bring some festive phsyical activity into the holidays. There’s an abundance of pop-up Christmas activities taking place across the country from winter ice skating to Santa fun runs and woodland walks. Check out the National Trust's website to see what's on offer locally. 

Make a change this year, embrace the cold weather and take a healthier stance on family fun! You’ll be rewarded in the New Year when your colleagues have to start the annual January detox.

2. Healthy food swaps


Everyone loves a chocolate covered treat or two at Christmas, after all, tis the season of indulgence, but the trick is to follow the 80:20 rule. Make sure 80% of your foods are healthy and nutritious leaving 20% for your festive treats.

Try making healthy food swaps for your favourite Christmas foods, such as switching your usual fat packed mince pie (with over 300 calories) for this healthy recipe from Madeline Shaw. Or how about ditching your Christmas biscuits for these low fat gingerbread biscotti. You could even swap your goose-fat roasted potatoes on Christmas day for a tasty beetroot salad (saving you hundreds of calories); although we don't recommend it as you do have to treat yourself sometimes!

3. Last minute shopping? Shun the escalator


If you’ll be pounding the streets on Christmas Eve for your last minute presents make sure you take the healthy option and build up your step count. Take the stairs and ditch the escalator while you shop to feel the health benefits.

You'll tone your thighs, tighten your buns and burn calories. Taking the stairs actually burns more calories per minute than jogging, so every step really does count!

4. Up your game and bring on the competition


A little friendly competition is always a good thing at Christmas, but why not ditch the board games this year and set a mini family fitness challenge? Rate your home stairs easily on the StepJockey website, print off our free 'smart' posters and start tracking your stair climbs using the StepJockey smartphone app.

Why not start the challenge on Christmas day and bring it to a close on New Years day? It’s a great way to get the whole family active, have fun and keep fit.

Follow our top tips and you’ll be in the perfect position to head back to the office feeling healthy, relaxed and refreshed!

A very happy Christmas and New Year from the whole StepJockey team. 

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