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A little story about how StepJockey started

The expert team behind StepJockey is headed up by Helen Nuki.

Helen is a behavioural economics expert and mother of four, who had the idea after her seven-year-old daughter, Litzi, wondered why official signs, "Only tell you about the things that are bad for you". 

"StepJockey is about looking at the positive and promoting fitness for everyone a little bit at a time", says Helen.

"We tell people how many calories are in food but we don’t tell them where they can burn them off. Through StepJockey, we are offering the opportunity to put that right".

"The world is a gym and through StepJockey we aim to positively label it as such".

It takes just one person to rate a set of stairs - an office block, say - to have a positive impact on everyone who uses that building.

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