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Apple allows StepJockey users to tap & climb

Apple has announced that all iPhones running on its soon to be released iOS 11 operating system will support the reading of NFC tags. All iPhone 7s and newer devices will be able to read NFC tags just like existing Android phones.

For StepJockey users with iPhones it means you will soon be able to just tap (rather than scan) StepJockey smart signs to record your stair journeys.

Apple has had an NFC reader in its phones for some time but has so far locked down the function so it only works for financial transactions. Now it is opening up the technology to allow the reading of NFC coils embedded in StepJockey smart signs and other systems.

Experts predict the change will dramatically accelerate the use of NFC within the so-called Internet of Things (IOT), allowing all smartphone users to better interact with the physical world around them.

Paul Nuki, StepJockey co-founder and CEO, said: “The move to open up NFC on Apple devices is very welcome and StepJockey will be making use of the new feature as soon as it becomes publically available in the autumn”.

Made from polished acrylic-glass, StepJockey smart signs reveal the calorie burn for your stairs. Designed to combat sedentary behaviour at work, they are an excellent method to nudge people to become more active in the office by taking the stairs instead of the lift or elevator.

To encourage stair climbing in your building as part of a corporate wellness programme, check out this page or find out more about our beautiful acrylic-glass smart signs and stair climbing challenges here.



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