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Well building standards compared

For building and facilities managers, the new healthy building certification schemes being rolled out globally present a major opportunity.

To help out we thought we’d do a quick comparison of the three main healthy building standards out there today - FitWel, WELL and LEED.

The table shows how new and existing office staircases can be leveraged to help you achieve one of these certifications.

Mandotory requirements are marked with an * and areas in which StepJockey can help are in bold.




Provide at least one accessible stairwell to regular building occupants that connects all regularly used floors.

*Stairs must be assessable to all regular building users during business hours.

*Buildings must have at least one main stair that enables occupants to travel between the building entrance floor, occupant’s own destination floor and common use floors.

Locate an accessible stairwell equally or more visible than any elevators and or escalators at the main entrance.

*At least one staircase must be located within 7.5m of the entrance.

Stairs must be visible from the lobby and located no further than  7.5m from any edge of the lobby.

Use stair design to encourage stair usage.

*At least one staircase must be clearly visible from the entrance.

Place signage encouraging stair use for health and other benefits at all elevator call areas, next to escalators and outside stairwells on each floor.

Place permanent point of decision prompts promoting stair use at elevator call areas.

*Signage to encourage stair use must be clearly visible at every bank of elevators.

Ensure that the quality of light in stairwells is of an equal or better quality than that of the building corridors.

Make stairs clearly visible with glass or by placing them in prominent location

*Stairways must be made aesthetically pleasing by use of light, music or artwork.

Provide daylighting at each floor/roof level of the stair(s) using either windows and/or skylights of at least 8 square feet (1 square meter) in size.

Providing activity incentive programmes for staff.

Use inviting sensory stimulation such as artwork and/or music in stairwells.

The use of StepJockey’s elevator call button signs as well as our signage for stairwells and entrance lobbies can all be used to help you achieve one of the above well building standards.

More information on each of these building wellness standards can be found on their websites.

If you want to find out how StepJockey can help you achieve any of this building standards get in touch via our website.

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