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Corporate wellness industry grows

The corporate wellness market is expected to grow at 5.84% in the coming years according to Global Corporate Wellness Market 2017-2021.

This may come as a surprise to some readers in the wake of negative press, often citing dodgy ROI’s and some reports of low- employee engagement. Needless to say the organic need for wellness in our workplaces, means growth and diversification are predicted for the future.

The demand is driven by governments and companies continued search for effective and evidence-based wellness programs to combat rocketing incidences of  long term conditions including obesity and type 2 diabetes which riddle the workforce. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that, by 2020, LTCs will account for almost three-quarters of all deaths worldwide. LTCs are  preventable; lifestyle improvements can be complemented  by the right corporate wellness program to reduce their burden on the economy.

Selecting the ideal corporate wellness program for your business

With the right corporate wellness program employees can feel productive, engaged, and happy, saving employers time and money. Addressing  common mistakes is a start but that may be insufficient. The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM) research found that what makes or breaks a good corporate wellness program is “a combination of good design built on behavior change theory, effective implementation using evidence-based practices, and credible measurement and evaluation.

Why is that important? The big health authorities, including NICE in the UK, all calculate that a well designed and operated wellness program will reduce sick days by up to 30%. That could be a huge cost saving for companies in the long term.

Despite all the negative press on wellness programs and their ROI, JOEM’s study identifies the winners of the Koop National Health Awards to have the best workplace wellness initiatives. Those companies included Johnson & Johnson, The Volvo Group, FedEx and Citibank. The winners for workplace health outperformed the stock market by a factor of 3:1 from 2000-2014. To put it in numbers, their stock values appreciated by 325% compared with the market average appreciation of 105%.

StepJockey and the world of wellness

StepJockey is a corporate wellness program based behaviour change, credible measurement and evaluation. StepJockey fights sedentary behaviour in multi-storey offices by quickly and simply promoting habitual stair use among all staff.

The concept of StepJockey is solidly evidence based and used by corporate wellness specialists worldwide to complement and enhance wider corporate wellness programmes. Through unique smart signs and gamification platform this enables employers to make their offices visibly healthier and more active without the need for large-scale capital investment.

Having the right wellbeing program can be crucial for an organisation as it impact its bottom line. As the sector grows, more companies will introduce workplace wellness programs in the office to engage their staff and improve their health in the long term. However, only those wellness plans which are evidence, behavior-change based with measurement and evaluation are to bring forth both credible physical and monetary outcomes for the company and individuals.

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