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How councils across the UK are trailblazing workplace health

Staff from councils across the UK have been ditching the lift and taking the stairs to boost their health and fitness in the first ever nationwide stair climbing challenge.

Nearly 200 teams took on the challenge to burn the same amount of calories as it would take to climb Mount Everest - all on their office stairs.

The challenge lasted for four weeks and the results were remarkable. In total 380,000 calories were burned and more than 4 million steps were taken collectively to reach the summit of Everest!

See the full results of the StepJockey council challenge.

Healthy competition encourages council staff to reach new heights  

Competition between the councils was fierce, with employees from the country all vying to reach the top of the leaderboards.

As the challenge reached its close, the Royal Borough of Greenwich Council pulled ahead to finish in first place, with over 120,000 calories burned by Greenwich staff alone.

Durham Council put up a good fight, and topped the Stair Journeys leaderboard, with an impressive 13,272 stair journeys recorded during the challenge.

Brent Council shone on the Step Count leaderboards, with staff collaboratively taking close to a million steps towards the summit of Everest.

Stair fever also gripped Suffolk Council as they rated their office stairs for calorie burn for the first time and got 100 employees signed up with fantastic enthusiasm and teamwork.

East Herts Council did not let being the smallest council in the challenge deter them one bit. They had the highest average calorie burn per employee at a whopping 1,173 calories - the equivalent of a solid 100 minute run pounding the treadmill - all from ditching the lift and taking the stairs!

Reaching for the stairs

The success of this pioneering national workplace wellness initiative has been twofold.

As well as providing gentle competition and engagement, those who took part reported real health benefits. 

We asked everyone who entered how they felt about the StepJockey Everest challenge, and here's what they said:  

Could your council be the healthiest in the UK?

If you’ve been inspired these trailblazing councils, why not get involved in StepJockey’s next UK-wide local government stair climbing challenge?

Promoting stair climbing is the most accessible and equitable of workplace health interventions and the health benefits of stair climbing are fully evidence-based.

Engaging in a stair climbing challenge also counts towards the Workplace Wellbeing Charter "Excellence" standard for physical activity. Don't miss out! Get in touch with StepJockey today for more info. 

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"StepJockey has been really great fun to take part in and has inspired our team. It has been a great incentive to get fit!!" FD, Durham Council

"I have worked previously in engagement programmes and I just wanted to say I think your app is great and you are excellent at your comms and encouragement! " NR, Brent Council

"That was indeed a challenge but we have displayed the true meaning of teamwork throughout this exercise." PB, Royal Borough of Greenwich Council 

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