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Endless stair rated for calorie burn

We just rated the 'Endless Stair' at The London Design Festival for calorie burn.

Endless Stair is a towering structure of 15 Escher-like interlocking staircases made from American tulipwood and proudly stands on the lawn in front of Tate Modern as part of the London Design Festival 2013

It’s been designed by de Rijke Marsh Morgan Architects (dRMM) and engineered by Arup, and is both a sculpture and research project advancing the knowledge of timber technology and sustainability. 

Take a climb, burn some calories and enjoy the stunning views of the River Thames and Tate Modern.

Endless Stair is made up of a series of timber flights, some veering to the right some to the left, providing many ways to climb and explore the installation, which ultimately leads to the top flight that acts as a dramatic viewing platform. 

You can find out more about how the Endless Stair was created from American Hardwood.

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