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Forget the Flowers - Look After your Heart on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is almost upon us, a time where we traditionally think of that special someone, showering them with heart shaped chocolates and roses. However, this year at StepJockey we’ve been thinking that as well as thinking of your loved ones you should be thinking about number one too.

Rather than giving out heart shaped gifts why not turn your focus to the only heart that really matters, the one responsible for keeping you alive! What better gift to give your partner or family than the gift of a healthier you in 2019.

Research shows that the best way to improve heart health is by building small amounts of exercise into your day step by step. Trying to make drastic changes will only lead to failed goals and can also be detrimental to your health.

The office, unfortunately, is a place that most of us spend the majority of our time. It contributes a great deal to the sedentary lifestyles we lead but also has great potential to transform our attitudes towards health and exercise.

By building exercise into your working day you can start taking the small steps which add up to big differences over time.

Here are 3 great tips to keep you heart healthy this year kicking off on Valentines day.

  1. Get up and move from your desk once every hour. Did you know that by doing this simple thing you can reduce your risk of high blood pressure, a key factor in heart disease, by up to 50%
  2. Try and achieve just 7 minutes of stair climbing a day. Research has found          this small amount of stair climbing could reduce your risk of heart attack by 50% over a ten year period.
  3. Get your heart racing. It’s not just that special someone who can get your heart racing! Getting on the stairs can raise your heart rate to between 70 and 85% of your maximum heart rate according to The Journal of Neurophysiology. Raising your heart rate is the best way to maintain a strong and healthy heart.

Whether your already active or could look to do a bit more exercise it’s always a good idea to look after your heart. Kick off a healthier 2019 this Valentine’s and feel the benefits for years to come.

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