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Get fit for Christmas with Santa’s Chimney Challenge

Christmas is fast approaching so don your Santa hat and get ready for a festive stair climbing challenge with StepJockey. Our brand new Santa Chimney Challenge is now available and ready to take you on a health enhancing journey with old Saint Nick himself.

Take on the mission to circumnavigate the globe and cross every continent, following Santa as he delivers presents, climbs chimneys and burns thousands of calories! Together with your colleagues you’ll use the office stairs to complete your worldwide journey and finish with stronger hearts and firmer legs.

StepJockey smart signs and gamifying challenges are a fun and engaging way to improve health within your organisation as they use an existing asset you’ve already got - your stairs! They encourage staff to make a simple change to their daily routine and fight the unhealthy, inactive culture in many workplaces. It's also super inclusive as climbing the stairs doesn’t need special skills, training or even a scrap of Lycra.

To celebrate the release of our super new challenge, we’ve compiled six of our favourite Santa facts. Did you know:

  1. Santa has to cover 510,000,000 km in just 32 hours on Christmas Eve. That means travelling at an impressive 10,703,437 km/h. He’s quick!

  1. Santa has an impressive 700,000 metric tons of toys to carry, that would take a whopping 3,000,000 ordinary reindeer to pull. He needs a lot of carrots. 

  1. Santa would need to employ 3,000 elves to work eight hours a day year-round in order to be ready in time. There are no weekends at Santa's Grotto.

  1. To wrap all Santa's presents you'd need an incredible 466,400 km of wrapping paper. That’s 11.6 times the circumference of the world!

  1. Santa has to deliver 583 million presents around the world in just a few hours. That's 5,060 presents per second - not bad going.

  1. If every household left a mince pie for Santa he’d consume 81 billion calories. To burn that off he'd have to climb the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, 77 million times!

Get in touch today to find out more about StepJockey and how to take part in the ultimate festive workplace challenge.

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