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Step up and take on the Great Wall of China

Businesses around the globe can now boost the health of staff by launching our brand new Great Wall of China stair climbing challenge.

Our unique challenges seamlessly integrate with StepJockey app to gamify stair climbing and transform offices into active workplaces of the future.

The all-new challenge takes you on a health-enhancing trek along the Great Wall, where you’ll discover over 2,000 years of Chinese history in the process. As you travel through the Shanhaiguan Pass towards our finishing point at Jiayuguan; you'll feel healthier and more active with every step.

Our stair climbing challenges can add a whole host of benefits to your corporate wellness programme:

  • Transform stair use in the workplace. A recent study we carried out at the Wellcome Trust showed a 97% increase in stair-use as a result of the challenge

  • Promote an easy form of physical activity that is accessible to almost everyone

  • Bring teams together from across the business

  • Show leadership and encourage all staff to consider their health at work

Launch a Challenge in your workplace

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StepJockey Challenges suit business of all sizes, a skyscraper is certainly not required! All you need are stairs and StepJockey Smart Signs to get started.

In addition to the Great Wall of China Challenge we have many other challenges to choose from, these include:

  • Climb Everest

  • World Towers

  • Tour De France

  • Around the World

  • Santa’s Chimney

StepJockey’s powerful smart signage and challenges use the latest behaviour economics to nudge people from all physical background to ditch the lift and take the stairs instead. By building regular stair climbing into your routine, the health benefits really start to stack up. Benefits include improved cardiovascular fitness, stronger muscles and a boost in mental wellbeing.

Step up and launch our Great Wall of China stair climbing challenge in your business. Find out more about our challenges and how organisations from around the world are using them to kickstart the health of their business.

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