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Employee engagement helps win new business

Developing a staff engagement strategy can be crucial for a company. Engaged employees feel more valued. This instills a sense of purpose that brings enthusiasm, passion and energy to the work they do. Studies have shown that better employee engagement leads to increased productivity which boosts sales and profitability.

A survey conducted by Best Western Hotels and Resort discovered a direct correlation between hotel employee engagement and guest satisfaction. The results showed a 0.4 correlation between hotel employee engagement and guests’ intent to recommend the hotel to other travelers. This generates two to three extra rooms per night adding an extra $70-$100k in annual room revenue.

Try these five simple methods for engagement to boost your company’s sales and win new business:

Focus on employees the way you focus on customers

It pays off to invest in your employees. In a social media age, people online are more likely to listen to the organisation's employees than information coming directly from the brand. Engage and nurture your staff to create brand advocates and boost engagement online. This strategy is very useful for creating brand awareness and earning new customers

Incentivise and reward

For employees to give their best, they need to know that the company would identify their efforts and ultimately reward them. Acknowledging staff efforts ensures your eye on their hard work and provides encouragement which improves performance. Rewards don’t have to be lavish to be meaningful! Ordering a simple lunch, sharing wins or a public appreciation goes a long way to making people feel recognised and rewarded.

Competitive pay and good benefits are the key motivating factors in a job. But providing small and regular incentives boosts performance and makes engagement better. Always make the time to celebrate your staff’s accomplishments.

Use corporate wellness program

There are many benefits of using corporate wellness programmes. Studies have shown that wellness initiatives play a major role in promoting employee engagement. Since health and productivity are closely linked they also result in cost savings along with increased sales.

The global financial institution ING revolutionised their workforce by using a wellness program. They aimed to drive sales with this program. By setting employee’s health targets instead of sales ones, they managed to motivate their sales teams to focus on their health. That way, the ING staff had boosted productivity which increased company profit.

Sharing the profits with staff

When a company shares its profits, investment in the company grows more. Tony Greenham, the head of finance and business at the New Economics Foundation says when profits are shared employees are far more committed to delivering quality work and offer more flexibility for the business needs.

An example of profit sharing scheme is the John Lewis partnership. Despite the recent slash in staff bonus, employees still receive 6% of their salary which equals to three extra weeks of pay. Not only does this make employees more hardworking and committed to their jobs but it also increases their job satisfaction.

Provide opportunities for growth

Engaged employees are those who are given the opportunity to further develop in the company. Talk to your employees about their career aspirations. Discuss training activities to understand which business skills they would like to develop. By showing your involvement in their professional development, they are more likely to engage and perform better.

Concluding Thoughts

Developing staff engagement strategy can be an important factor in creating new business. As Dr. Nelson, a clinical psychologist and business consultant, said: “When employees feel that the company takes their interest to heart, then the employees will take company interests to heart.” Companies need to re-look inward at their leadership and management style. Take an approach that is ideal for the company and its culture.

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