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How to survive hot desking

A hot desking environment is one in which desks are no longer 'owned' by individual employees. Instead they're available on a flexible free-for-all basis.

Hot desking can save businesses space (and money) but isn’t always so kindly received by the workforce. If you want to learn how to take the heat out of hot desking, Lilli Hender of Office Genie has four great tips.

Comfort is key

Moving to hot desking comes at the loss of the personalised workstation. Positioning of equipment and seating, as well as handy tools and stationery are traded-off when moving to an efficient hot desking office set-up.

However, office-related health problems can be avoided if you make sure you start your day with a quick check and adjustment of the height and position of the monitor, desk, and chair. These correct office sitting tips from the NHS could help you limit your chances of health problems.

If possible, alternate between sitting and standing by grabbing a sit-stand desk and perhaps bring in your own ergonomic mouse or wrist rest. If you’re lucky enough to have a standing desk or sit-stand desk, why not get your organisation to further invest in your health with some funky StepJockey standing desk calorie burn signs.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Try not to sit at a grubby desk and try not to make one either. Your colleagues and, more importantly, your immune system, will thank you for it.

It should be no surprise that shared keyboards harbour more bacteria than those with a single user. To help keep infections at bay, make sure to wash your hands before and after mealtimes and trips to the loo. And please do refrain from eating on the job - your crumbs are a feast for bacteria, mice and other common office infestations.

The early bird gets the worm

Possibly the most stressful thing about hot desking is the chance you could:

(a) end up without a desk and

(b) get stuck with a desk you’re not happy with.

To reduce the risk, get to work early! If you’re a morning person, an early start can really boost productivity.

When faced with a competitor in the race to win your favourite seat, a great tip is to take to the stairs over the lift: you’ll get there faster and burn calories too.

Embrace it

Happiness and healthiness go hand in hand. Often the more you embrace something, the better it becomes. To aid your positive approach to hot desking, here are a few of the top benefits to end on:

  • You’re likely to meet new people and make new friends in the office
  • The constant change of scenery can help to spark inspiration
  • Hot desking can often become part of a larger flexible-working focus which comes with a whole load of advantages

It might not be your favoured approach to office seating, but armed with these tips you’ll find hot desking a doddle.

Lilli Hender writes about working environments for Office Genie, an innovative desk and office space marketplace.

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