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KPMG the first building in Canary Wharf to be labelled for calorie burn

The stairs at KPMG's Canada Square headquarters have become the first building in Canary Wharf to be labelled for calorie burn.

Working closely with our team, the stairwells have been given a complete makeover with StepJockey ratings for every stairway in the building encouraging staff to take to ditch the lift and take to the stairs. Using the StepJockey app, the KPMG team can now tap and track their stair climbs, set daily goals and seamlessly build stairclimbing into their daily fitness plans. 

Richard Reid, London chairman at KPMG, who is backing the new initiative said: "For many city workers, finding the time to factor exercise into their working day is incredibly difficult, with most of us heading straight to the lifts and then to our desks for several hours.

"Inactivity is an increasing issue for the UK economy and the NHS so it is important that we all do as much exercise as we can to reduce the risk of preventable illness and lead longer, healthier lives. Stair climbing is officially classed as a 'vigorous exercise' and burns more calories per minute than jogging and is a very simple way to build exercise into your working day.  I hope that as many of our staff as possible get involved."

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StepJockey founder Helen Nuki said: "We are delighted KPMG is pioneering StepJockey in Canary Wharf. As a large employer, KPMG understands the importance of corporate wellness  and like StepJockey, they see the world as gym and are labelling it as such. Through small steps, they are transforming the workplace for everyone.“

In the first few days after installation, hundreds of staff downloaded the StepJockey app. Cumulatively teams at One Canada Square have tracked climbs equivalent to climbing up Everest over 18 times in just a few weeks.

If you’re an organisation that would love to get your building rated for calorie burn and start your teams climbing, you can find out more here.

Watch a video filmed on location at KMPG for France 2 programme 'C’est au programme', a wellness TV programme shown every morning on 'France 2' channel.

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