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How I used stairs to improve the health of my family

Leah, 30 years old and a mum of two from Stevenage, has improved her family's health by climbing the stairs. Here’s her story:

"I've struggled with my weight since I had children. Eating healthy food never seems to be enough and I simply don't have the money to join a gym. I just accepted there was nothing I could do – I was probably living in denial – but I had a reality check recently when my eldest daughter's school contacted me to say they were concerned that her BMI was too high. I realised my lifestyle wasn’t only unhealthy for me, it was starting to have an affect on my family.

"I was chatting to a neighbour about it and she told me stair climbing was an easy way to lose weight. She said she'd rated the stairs in our 12-storey apartment block through StepJockey and challenged me and the girls to a calorie burn competition.

"The girls' initial moans about having to climb so many stairs soon dwindled as they became excited about it being a competition. We used my daughter’s iPod Touch to track how many stairs we climbed and the calorie burn and are climbing the stairs in the apartment block 25 times a month, that’s the equivalent to burning 15,000!

"It's great because our local council has also rated the local library so we've started to climb its stairs a couple of times a week too. That's an additional 37,584 steps per year.

"I've definitely noticed a difference and I’ve lost weight. The best thing though is my daughter's BMI has lowered and is now back into the normal range."

Leah’s vital statistics

• Start weight – 68.50kg

• Finish weight – 65.52kg

• Height – 155cm

• Additional steps climbed per week – 3,132

• Average weekly calorie burn –499.78

• Total annual calorie burn – 22,989.88

• Total annual fat burn – 2.55

• Calorie expenditure in food days – 11.49

• Total weight loss – 2.98

• Start BMI – 28.51 (overweight)

• Finish BMI – 27.70 (overweight)

You can improve your family’s health too by rating stairs now!

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