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How I used stairs to improve the health of my workplace

Sue, 45, a HR executive managed to lose weight and make her workplace healthier and greener at the same time.

Here’s her statistics and her story:

• Start weight –80.50kg

• Finish weight – 78.97kg

• Height – 163cm

• Additional steps climbed per week – 2,000

• Average weekly calorie burn – 256.40

• Total annual calorie burn – 11,794.40

• Total annual fat burn – 1.31

• Calorie expenditure in food days – 5.90

• Total weight loss – 1.53

• Start BMI – 30.30 (obese)

• Finish BMI – 29.72 (overweight)

"I’ve always struggled to find ways to get fit. I’ve never been any good at sport or exercise and the thought of going to a yoga class embarrasses me. I work in HR so I know how important being physically active is, not just for health but for productivity.

I tried to do something that would not only benefit me but involve the whole company. We’re spread across three buildings so I put StepJockey signs up in them all. It’s been a huge success and we’ve seen a 25 per cent uplift in stair use.

This has taken some of the pressure off the lifts, which helps make the buildings more energy efficient and surprisingly, it saves everyone quite a bit of time. More importantly, all this stair use burns on average more than 11,000 calories per employee. This means 110 employees burn over 1.2 million calories in a year and lose over 168kgs between them.

As for me, I’m climbing at least 2,000 steps a week and, so far, have lost enough weight to bring my BMI down from obese to overweight. There’s no stopping me now, I’m determined to keep going – it’s an easy way to lose weight.

My boss is delighted. Not only do the staff seem more energised but the calories signs clearly signal to clients that our organisation is a healthy workplace to be and is innovating."

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