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New clients join StepJockey to bolster staff health

We’re excited to welcome five new clients onboard this month who will be launching StepJockey across their business to boost staff health and wellbeing.

AstraZeneca launched their first StepJockey Stair Climbing Challenge in November to gamify stair use and incentivise staff to stay active in the office. The $24 billion turnover pharmaceutical company is known for its leading approach to staff wellness, recognising the importance of providing a healthy, safe and motivational workplace for all.

Their inaugural Climb Everest Challenge started with much fanfare and quickly encouraged 17 teams of staff to sign up. Over the course of the four week challenge they collectively reached the summit of Everest on their office stairs, burning an impressive 28,000 calories in the process.

StepJockey has also signed up leading investment bank Laser UK, Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust, Dutch food retailer AHold and US-based employee wellness experts Habits at Work.  

Ben Hartley, Head of Revenues at StepJockey said “It is a wonderful testament to have so many high profile and well regarded businesses join the StepJockey family and use our unique initiative to enhance the health of their offices”.

The StepJockey system has now been adopted in almost 12,000 buildings around the world and by clients including UBS, Pearson, JLL, NBC and The Wellcome Trust.

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