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StepJockey and Mercer Marsh team up to boost workplace health

StepJockey is pleased to announce it has partnered with one of Britain’s leading advisors on corporate wellness and workplace health.

Mercer Marsh Benefits™ (MMB) works with employers of all sizes to help them target and address the specific health risks within their organisation and measure the effectiveness and ROI of their initiatives, building a sound business case for health. The aim is to help employers improve their bottom line through improving the physical, mental and financial wellbeing of their employees by:

  • Facilitating sustained behavioural change to improve health
  • Providing robust benefits for when ill-health does arrive

MMB’s UK clients who are seeking to increase physical activity among their staff as part of a workplace health solution can now access StepJockey’s smart signs and stair climbing challenges. The StepJockey system allows employers with multi-storey offices to quickly and easily build physical activity into the working day without disruption to their core business or the need for large scale capital investment.

Neil Hunt, principal at MMB, said: “Most employers focus their HR policies, benefit spend and management time on the relatively small population of ill and long-term disabled employees. Meanwhile the majority of employees – those who are well but have health risks – go unsupported and are in danger of moving through the wellness barrier into ill-health.

“StepJockey, by contrast, is an evidence-based tool that can impact the majority of employees, and in a manner which is conducive to long-term positive behaviour change. I’m pleased to announce that StepJockey is now available as part of the MMB workplace health portfolio of partnered solutions”.

Paul Nuki, co-founder and CEO of StepJockey, said: “We are delighted to be working with MMB’s UK workplace health team. MMB is respected across the world for its expertise in the area of corporate wellness and workplace health and its focus on prevention through sustainable behaviour change fits exactly with StepJockey’s product and mission”.

Read more about how MMB is breaking down the wellness barrier in companies of all sizes across Britain.

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