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Our big challenge reveal - how many calories have we burnt?

It has been a super busy time at StepJockey since we launched our first ever stair climbing challenge at City Hall, London back in November 2014. Since then we’ve run 31 challenges in 6 different languages around the globe from Alabama to Australia!

Not only has it been a huge amount of fun, but the Challenges have also had a massive positive impact on individuals and companies alike. To celebrate, we’re revealing our all-time favourite top challenge facts.  

Over 2,600 players have championed the stairs in order to improve their health, save time and reduce their carbon footprint - all by ditching the lift!

The StepJockey stair climbing Challenges have garnered amazing support from female participants - who dominate the scene at 57% - leading the way to improve health at work in the most effective and efficient ways. Ladies, we salute you. Keep it up!

Of course, we’ve saved the best until last. Just how many calories have we collectively burned through? How many steps have we blazed a trail across? Drum roll please...

We have burnt...

1,585,586 calories

That’s the same as:

and climbed…

61,143,183 steps

That's equivalent to:

Our stair climbing challenges are a great value way to improve health within an organisation as they use an asset you've already got - your stairs! It's also super inclusive as almost everyone can climb stairs and it doesn't require Lycra! Installing StepJockey is very simple to organise, all you have to do is distribute the invite URL and we do the rest.

StepJockey will save your organisation time and reduce its carbon footprint offering an incredible Return on Investment (ROI), paying for itself in just 12-18 months! Use our savings calculator to calculate the excellent ROI StepJockey provides.

If you'd like to benefit from improved health, productivity and energy saving contact us today to discuss how it could work for your business.

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