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Put your stairs on the world map

In just a few years, users of StepJockey’s free smartphone app have rated over 10,000 stairways worldwide into part of our crowdsourced calorie burning game. It’s a sweeping global phenomenon, and we’ve just launched an awesome interactive map which shows just how far the stair revolution is spreading.

Every stair counts

Every staircase ever rated on the StepJockey website is now viewable on our new interactive world map. Not surprisingly for a London-based company, the UK is a particular hotspot, but it’s amazing to see we’ve now got stairways rated in all corners of the world from Northern Norway to New Zealand's South Island, and from the far West coast of Hawaii to Japan’s Eastern shores.

You can even see where the 50 most recently rated stairs are as these ones are highlighted green instead of orange. Think ‘Where’s Wally?’ for stairs.


Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 14.56.56.png

A health revolution that’s storming the globe

This is no ordinary map, it’s much more clever than that. Our map also recognises how many steps have been taken and how many calories have been burned across all these stairs in total. It updates itself with live data constantly streaming in from stairs across the globe.  

Right at this moment, I can see that a total of 10,639,971 calories have been burned on StepJockey stairs. By the time you read this post, hundreds more calories will have been burned.

And yes, just to recap, that’s three million, six hundred and fifty three thousand, seven hundred and nine calories burned on the stairs worldwide with StepJockey. That’s a lot! Imagine the difference that’s made to our stair climbers’ health.

Put yourself on the map  

To fully appreciate the third and greatest feature of our new interactive map, I recommend you do the following. It should only take 10 minutes.   

  1. Rate your stairs online, print out the free posters and stick them up in the stairways of your home or office.

  2. Climb the stairs and record your journey with the free StepJockey app.

  3. Check our awesome map and see if you feature.  

That’s right, the map features live climbs as they happen. It’s a total inspiration to see you all taking steps towards a healthier future. This map is your global social stair climbing platform: and now it’s your time to shine.

Go forth and climb stairs!

Get involved with our stair revolution today and put yourself on our map by rating your stairs for free. If you work in a big office, StepJockey also offers beautiful permanent glass-acrylic signs and exciting stair climbing challenges which help get everyone involved and creating new healthy habits.

You can find out more by getting in touch online or call the team on 0203 397 8377.

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