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Revisiting Driving Health Within the Built Environment

In July this year StepJockey hosted a webinar entitled ‘Discussing Driving Health Within the Built Environment’. The webinar was hosted by StepJockey’s workplace performance specialist Laura Thomas along with special guest Dr. Vivek Muthu.

Dr Muthu trained at Oxford and Cambridge, gaining a first class degree in medicine and surgery and he is also the former Global Managing Director of Healthcare of the Economist Intelligence Unit, where he still works as an advisor alongside his other work with public sector, NGOs and industry.

In a wide ranging discussion Dr Muthu and Laura discussed the challenges that healthcare systems face due the epidemic of sedentary behaviour that has swept the globe. As the conversation turned to how the built environment can play a part in addressing the next global health crisis.

“This trend of sedentary behaviour is definitely not a fad – it is here to stay and only going to increase.” - Dr. Viv Muthu

The property sector, as well as the private sector in general, has realised the immense value in improving the health of their buildings as well as their staff. With that in mind we believe the discussion between Laura and Dr Muthu will be invaluable listening.

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