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Nine of London's most amazing staircases

The race to make buildings ‘stair-centric’ again is on.

In a back-to-the-future moment of which the creators of Europe's great palaces would be proud, architects the world over are once again giving staircases pride of place in their designs and their dreams.

Examples include the new Google HQ being built in London, the Guardian building and the Kaiser Permanente Medical Office Building in Maryland.

Driving the trend is an odd mix of human, aesthetic and legal factors.

Tenants and their staff are rightly demanding the buildings they occupy promote human health rather than undermine it. Architects are rediscovering the beauty and utility of a well drawn staircase.

And corporate lawyers are starting to twitch as they see the human and financial costs of sedentary behaviour soaring.

To celebrate the return of stair we’ve pulled together 9 pictures of amazing staircases in London, our home town. Enjoy!

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