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Beat the “Brrrr”! Ways to stay warm in the office

Winter seems to have finally arrived, with a real cold spell breaking up the mild, grey monotony that has overcast the previous few months in the UK.

The air temperature has dropped, and as we pile on the extra layers and watch our breath steam in the icy air on our way to work, most of us are comforted by the notion that the office will provide a cosy respite from the great outdoors.

Even so, there’s always at least one person in every office (in our office, it’s me) who is permanently cold and doing everything in their power to surreptitiously turn up the radiators, leaving the more warm-blooded amongst us confused and sweating slightly.

If this rings true, here are a few things you can do to warm yourself up without jeopardising the office temperature for everyone else. It also means people will stop referring to you as the Ice Queen or King, which is a good thing.     

Make yourself a brew

This is England after all. A warm cup of tea is always the answer, and walking to get it will get the blood re-circulating to your chilly toes. Hold that mug close and let the tea (or similar hot beverage of your choice) work its magic.

Get insulated

This time last year, I was working in a ‘radiator-challenged’ office of incredibly low temperatures. To combat this (so I could type without numb fingers) I started taking in a blanket and a hot water bottle. Life was instantly a lot better, plus my productivity improved. If you need extra heat, have no shame in bringing in as many layers as are required.

Get moving

To generate a bit of extra warmth, take regular breaks to walk around and get your blood flowing. Stair climbing is officially classed as a ‘vigorous exercise’ so climbing just a couple of floors will get your heart pumping to warm your cockles, as well as providing a myriad of other health benefits.

Turn up the heat

The UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) says that temperatures at work must be “reasonable” which for a typical office equates to a minumum of 16°C.

To me this is still pretty chilly, and if temperatures do get below this point, speak to your boss or call your facilities department. Your boss and facilities team won’t want to cross the HSE - it has some pretty fierce powers.

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