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StepJockey Announces their Progressive Anti-Sedentary Schools Programme

StepJockey announces their ‘Anti-Sedentary Schools Programme’ during Move Week!

For anyone not familiar with ‘Move Week’, it is a fantastic annual Europe-wide week of activity dedicated to getting children and adults moving more to counter sedentary behaviour.

Sedentary behaviour is increasingly recognised as one of the major health crises facing the world. Over the past two generations physical activity has fallen by 30% and it is estimated that sedentary behaviour causes 5.3 million deaths per year*.

StepJockey is proud to become a ‘Move Agent’ partner and join the many progressive organisations who set up innovative events to encourage more physical activity and ultimately help to reduce sedentary behaviour in the long-term.

Move Week’s aims are very close to the heart for StepJockey, who drive workplace health improvements through a range of innovative health and wellness programmes. StepJockey is launching a programme for schools to help children to learn about the issues related to sedentary behaviour.

The days where the majority of children were happily entertained with just a ball or some skipping rope and the great outdoors seems to be a fading memory. As children increasingly spend their time sat down, playing on some form of tablet or other technology. The result of which is going to have significant health implications for future generations unless we make drastic changes to combat sedentary behaviour.  

To make the programme more exciting and engaging for children, StepJockey have assembled a team of sporting/fitness superheroes to help save the world from sedentary behaviour! Knowing that children relate to different types of activity or role models, StepJockey have covered all bases with a range of different personalities from Olympic divers, to footballers and Brazilian carnival queens, and many more.

Zarir Vakil, CEO of StepJockey says about their new Anti-Sedentary Schools Programme, “The main objective of the programme is to educate children on the importance of regular movement, as sitting for long periods is becoming as big a health problem for society as smoking has been. It is also about supporting teachers and parents in reinforcing the message and leading by example.”

He added, “It is the perfect time to encourage children to be regularly active and spend less time attached to their devices!”

Visit the Move Week website to find out about events in your area and download some amazing resources here.

StepJockey’s Anti-Sedentary Schools Programme officially launches in September 2018.  For more details and how to get involved please contact Emma-Louise O’Neill

*Effect of physical inactivity on major non-communicable diseases worldwide: an analysis of burden of disease and life expectancy. The Lancet.

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