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StepJockey CEO urges businesses to embrace active design

News: 10 Nov 16

Commercial property businesses should embrace the principles of 'active design' and behavioural economics to make office life healthier and more sustainable.

Speaking at WorkTech London 16, Paul Nuki, co-founder and CEO of StepJockey, urged delegates to prioritise human health in building design in a bid to rejuvenate the corporate workplace and said that achieving significant behaviour change need not be complex or expensive. 

"You do not need to spend vast sums to change people's behaviours and habits", Nuki told more than 200 delegates gathered at the conference in London's Canary Wharf. "The answer has much less to do with investment in fancy chairs and beanbags than it does in gentle nudges carefully deployed from the toolkit of behavioural economics".

Delegates were urged to use Mindspace, the summary document drawn up by the UK Government's "nudge unit" as a framework for designing behavioural interventions. It sets out nine of the most robust and non-coercive influences on our behaviour, captured in a simple mnemonic – MINDSPACE – which can be used as a quick checklist when addressing behaviour change in the workplace.

"Sedentary behaviour is one of the most pressing issues facing large corporates today, costing the private sector £13 billion annually through sickness, hiring issues and lost productivity ", said Nuki. "Yet with relatively small changes to office life, including stair use and walking meetings, corporate life can be made considerably healthier and more active. The trick is to change habits and Mindspace provides a proven toolkit."

Notes for editors

WorkTech 16 is a forum for all those involved in the future of work and the workplace as well as real estate, technology and innovation. It attracts some of the biggest and brightest names to debate, discuss and divulge the latest thinking on the Future of Work and the Workplace. Speakers this year included the architect Richard Rogers, Partner and Founder, Roger Stirk Harbour + Partners; Duncan Young, Head of Workplace Health & Wellbeing at Lend Lease; and Erol Aziz, Head of Space Management at KPMG.

StepJockey’s award winning behavioral change programme provides a simple and evidence based mechanism for making multi-storey offices more active and productive.

Its proprietary smart-sign and gamification technology is used by employers worldwide to combat sedentary behavior in the workplace by encouraging stair use. It allows all staff to seamlessly build exercise into their working week without disruption to the business. The system is used in over 11,000 buildings around the world by clients including Disney, JLL, UBS, and The Wellcome Trust to help thousands of office workers feel a little healthier everyday.

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