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StepJockey Gets Moving on the 27th of May for Move Week

Every year In the last week of May Move Week encourages people all over the world to move more and see the benefits of a more active lifestyle. Since it began Move Week has empowered over 6,000 Move Agents to promote physical activity and hosted over 14,000 events with more than 3 million participants.

StepJockey is proud to support Move Week once again this year. Their mission of promoting the benefits of physical activity is perfectly aligned with StepJockey’s message of transforming workplace health.

Throughout Move Week, which takes place between the 27th of May and the 2nd of June, StepJockey will be using our platform to promote physical activity throughout the working day. Each day during Move Week all StepJockey App users will receive a notification encouraging them to build a little more movement into their day.

The StepJockey team have also come up with some great tips for office workers to keep active and move more during the working day.

  1. Swap 3 emails for a face to face with colleagues
  2. Get off your bus, train or tube one stop early, or park in the furthest away space from the office door
  3. Swap a one to one meeting for a walking meeting
  4. Go to a different floor to fill up your water bottle or grab a coffee
  5. Keep moving whilst you’re on the phone

To get more active this Move Week keep an eye on the StepJockey App for tips and notifications and spread the word around your office. If you would like to promote Move Week in your workplace please get in touch with for some great assets.

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