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StepJockey in the news

We love talking about the benefits of StepJockey but it’s aways good to hear what others think about our initiative. Here’s a round-up of articles on StepJockey from last week. 

'Why I take the stairs at the BBC'

Fergus Walsh, Medical correspondent, BBC News

'Calorie burn labels for stairs to appear in offices in drive to wean workers off lifts and improve fitness (even going DOWN the stairs)'

Ted Thornhill, Mail Online

'Calorie labels fitted to stairs' 

Nick Collins, Science Correspondent, Telegraph.

'A healthy step: Posters displaying how many calories people burn by taking the stairs in workplaces could help cut obesity'

Charlie Cooper, The Independent

'StepJockey app shows calories burned on stairs via 'smart' posters'

Mark Langshaw, Digital Spy

'Counting calories? Check the stairwell'

Gillian Mohney, ABC News

'Ups and downs of nannying staff to take the stairs'

Lucy Kellaway, Financial Times

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