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StepJockey smart signs join the ‘Internet of Things’ revolution

StepJockey allows any set of stairs to be mapped and rated for calorie burn in moments. Once stairs are rated, you can print off a set of FREE smart posters immediately or order a set of smart signs with NFC. All StepJockey smart posters and signs can be read by the StepJockey app allowing users to track their performance and share with friends.

StepJockey’s NFC enabled smart signs are being manufactured in the UK by Signbox, an award-winning architectural sign manufacturer, and naturally nudge people to take the stairs rather than use the lift or escalator.

They are part of the ’Internet of Things’ – a new technology trend enabling people to interact with the physical world around them.

The technology allows StepJockey to fit seamlessly into the built environment and daily urban life, making it easy to reach those too busy to exercise or anyone who might be embarrassed to go to the gym. This makes StepJockey particularly effective in kick starting physical activity and behaviour change in those with a BMI over 25.

From mid-September, anyone with a smartphone will be able to track their progress, set goals and compete with their friends using the free StepJockey app, downloadable from the App store and Google Play.

Rate your stairs, it only takes a minute.

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