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StepJockey stair climbing challenge employee success story

When Legal and General launched their Spring stair climbing Everest Challenge one team decided to take it to a new level. Here’s their team leader’s uplifting account.

"Last year I ran my first London Marathon (in aid of Motor Neurone Disease Association), however I didn’t manage to get a place this year. Although I got into the Brentwood half-marathon this March, I just haven’t been unable to get motivated in the same way and so my fitness has suffered.

As soon as I saw the StepJockey stair climbing challenge, it gave me the motivation to get back into gear and kick start my exercise regime. Not only that, but I also go skiing in April and you couldn’t have given me a better way to warm up my muscles. The race is on!

Fortunately I have some very competitive people working in my team, so we decided to create our own team which is growing each day.

Tony and Joe’s motivation is that they have always fancied climbing Everest, but in reality never believed they would make it that far or be able to handle the cold. This opportunity gave them the next best thing! Being that they both play football (a team sport) and both have a good level of fitness, they knew they couldn’t let the team down.

I should have also mentioned that since running last year’s marathon, I have put on about 20 pounds so during this challenge I aim to lose a stone."

Adrian's top tips

"As we were recently moved to the ground floor we now have even less incentive to walk up the stairs so we arrange to come into the office early to walk the stairs.

My team are also under instruction to book meeting rooms on the highest floors, to go and visit their work colleagues instead of picking up the phone and when they need to go to the toilet they are 'forbidden’ from using the Ground floor facilities."

Since launching the challenge four weeks ago, Legal and General teams have burnt over 80,000 calories climbing the stairs in their offices. 

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