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StepJockey Talks to a Rising StepJockey Star at Verti Germany

At StepJockey we always love to hear from our users, especially when there’s a good story to tell! We caught up with Christian Dittfeld, who works for Verti in Germany. Christian has been powering up the stairs at the Verti offices in Berlin and recently entered the top 100 on the global leaderboard. StepJockey was launched at Verti in Berlin just 16 months ago and Christian is up to 36th in the global leaderboard- an outstanding effort! 

It was great to hear about Christian’s experience with StepJockey and how he’s managed to step his way to the top of the leaderboard!

How does it feel to be so near the top of the Global StepJockey Leaderboard?

It’s great! And absolutely motivating to keep climbing the stairs, because I can always set myself a new goal once I’ve reached one.

What first attracted you to use StepJockey?

For me, StepJockey was a new opportunity to get my cardio training done and to stay fit throughout the day, especially when it is cold and wet outside and taking the bike to work is not an option. I also like to set myself evaluable goals and to compete with others.

How else do you try and stay fit and healthy?

I ride my bike to work on most of the days, I like to play volleyball and regularly attend my rehabilitation sport course.

Why do you think stair climbing is a good way to stay healthy at work?

Moving after a longer period of sitting is always a good idea. My office is on the 4th floor, so I have to get up there anyway. So why not use what’s already there (the stairs) and use the time it takes to get to the office effectively for your body and health. Stair climbing trains many muscle groups and boosts endurance.


Great to hear such an inspirational story from one of our most innovative clients. If you have a StepJockey story that you’d like to share with the world please get in touch with 

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