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The Office Games Challenge is here - are you ready?

It’s time to take your place on the podium, hear the roar of the crowd and say hello to StepJockey’s newest stair climbing activity, the Office Games Challenge.

Here at StepJockey, our unique gamification platform enables businesses to motivate staff from all physical backgrounds to make the healthy choice and take the stairs rather than the lift.

Our brand new challenge, launching this month, will let you take on stadium based activities on your office stairs, from the 200m sprint, to the long jump and epic 4 x 100m relay. You'll get fitter together and burn thousands of calories, but who will take the gold medal?

Office Games Stair Climbing Challenge

Business boosting

As with all StepJockey Challenges, our new Office Games Challenge lets businesses:

  • Reward and gamify stair use, making stair climbing a habit for everyone. Over 70% of past players say they felt healthier and use the stairs more frequently as a result

  • Promote a simple and accessible form of exercise

  • Cement a great team culture by promoting a collaborative approach to the challenge

  • Motivate staff by taking a lead on workplace health

  • Reward employees equally for engagement and effort - not just skill, physical fitness or time spent

Launch a Challenge in your workplace

Want to try out our exciting new Office Games Stair Climbing Challenge with your colleagues? Just call 0203 397 8377 or email us today to register your interest.

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Engage the whole workforce

StepJockey Challenges work for small or large businesses, and a multitude of different building sizes, high-rise not required! In fact research shows that climbing stairs in low rise buildings can save enough lift energy to pay for itself in a short time. Challenges can also be run on a single site or across multiple buildings anywhere in the world. All you need are stairs and StepJockey Smart Signs to get started.

The Office Games Challenge joins StepJockey’s growing suite of workplace stair climbing challenges, which include:

  • Climb Everest Challenge

  • Tour De France Challenge

  • World Towers Challenge

  • Around the World

  • Santa’s Chimney Challenge

The Challenges build on StepJockey's behaviour change and digital health expertise to drive people to a healthier, greener lifestyle choice.

Now is the perfect opportunity to step up to the sedentary bug and make the most of the buzz around the Rio Games to motivate your staff to move more, sit less and feel a little fitter everyday!

Get in touch today to find out more about our extensive range of challenges and how to get involved.

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