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The One Vital New Year’s Resolution You Need to Make This Year – Take the Stairs in 2019!

Every year people across the world make their New Year’s resolutions and kick them off in earnest. After the celebrations are over, the gyms quickly become full, the supermarkets see increased sales in healthy foods and the pubs and bars are empty. Then a few weeks later, as the January blues kick in, normal service is resumed and everyone goes back to their normal routine.

What if we told you there was something you could do in 2019 every single day that would make a huge difference your fitness and health and life, moreover, it doesn’t cost a penny and can easily be integrated into your everyday routine. The solution, and the only new year’s resolution you need in Jan, is – stair climbing!  

Stair climbing is a great calorie burner – the average person burns roughly 42 calories every 100 stairs! Every time you think about getting into a lift, or on an escalator (e.g. the tube, shopping, home or work) take the stairs instead, you would be very shocked how quickly the benefits can rack up.  

Holly, 24, an office-based marketing assistant from London, climbed the stairs to lose weight for her wedding. Here's her story.

"I've always struggled with diets, I start well but seem to break after only a few days. I needed that motivation to lose weight. I was getting married and I really wanted to lose some weight and tone up for my big day. Stair climbing proved to be an easy exercise to lose weight, it fitted in with my day, didn’t feel like exercise and I didn't feel at all self-conscious. I downloaded the StepJockey tracker App at work and by climbing up and down the 100 stairs to my fifth floor office three times a day, I was burning 481.8 calories a week. It wasn’t long before I was looking for more stairs to climb. I started climbing the stairs rather than taking the escalator at either end of my commute and clocked up an extra 814 steps a week (and escaped the overcrowded lifts).”

Holly burnt an extra 195 calories a day on the stairs, this added up to 44,905 calories over the year, which is the equivalent to 22 days of food or 4.99kg of fat!  

She sums up by saying, “I was amazed by the results, my BMI dropped and I went from being overweight to a healthy weight. Better still, I had an amazing wedding day!"

Stair Climbing at Work?

If you have a desk-based job then there is a high chance that you are not moving around much during your working day. Even if you do physical activity outside of work, you probably spend at least ten hours each day sitting at your desk and sitting watching TV. Research shows that this is leading to increased health issues such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. If you are thinking of a New Year’s resolution to make this year, why not add increased stair climbing into your life?

For businesses looking to improve the health of their employees, companies like StepJockey are able to help people stick to their New Year’s resolutions by motivating them so that they do not give up on their resolutions. With engaging challenges and an innovative app, people love the wellness programs that StepJockey provide.

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