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The healthiest places to work revealed

Glassdoor has published its list of top twenty UK employers for work/life balance. American Express, Expedia, Google and Rolls Royce are among the top. 

David Whitby, UK country manager at Glassdoor, told Employee Benefits: “[Organisations] are realising that you can get more out of your workforce if you create an environment where people feel it is OK to take time out and be flexible with the working week. It’s not about leaving the office early, it’s about integrating work and lifestyle.

“At the end of the day, employers that trust their staff to do their job to the best of their ability, and recognise that everyone has commitments and interests outside the office, will create more loyalty.”

Stricking a balance between personal life and work is hard but crucial. Employers recognise that motivated and engaged employees are more happy and productive at work and maintaining the work/life would help create that environment. 

Here are the top twenty employers skilled in achieving and maintaining work/life balance: 

1. Expedia

2. Lookers

3. American Express

4. HomeServe

5. Peninsula

6. Cisco Systems

7. ARM

8. Financial Conduct Authority

9. Royal London

10. Thomson Reuters

11. Procter & Gamble

12. Screwfix

13. TeacherActive

14. Mott MacDonald

15. Rank Group

16. Yell

17. Unilever

18. BAE Systems UK

19. Rolls Royce

20. Google

The report is based on the overall work/life balance ratings submitted on the Glassdoor review website. A minimum of 50 ratings had to have been submitted for each organisation to be considered. 

Does your company have a good work/life balance?

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