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Top French TV show visits London to see StepJockey in action

The StepJockey team recently spent two days with a great film crew from “France 2” filming ‘C’est au programme’, a wellness TV programme shown every morning on ‘France 2’ channel.

Leading health journalist and broadcaster, Christelle Ballestrero loved the StepJockey concept and wanted to come to London to see it in action and capture its positive impact on health. The report will be broadcasted in September.

The journalist interviewed StepJockey founder Helen Nuki and digital health entrepreneur Dr Matt Jameson-Evans about the rapid rise of StepJockey across the world.

The film crew visited KPMG’s London office where the StepJockey initiative has been recently installed.

Equipped with their phones, the film crew loved capturing the busy KPMG teams tracking their climbs via the StepJockey smart signs NFC and QR tags.

Christelle Ballestrero loved the footprints on the floor nudging employees to ditch the lift and take to the stairs.

Three employees from KPMG were interviewed and explained how easy it was to use the smartphone app to track their climbs and change their habits.

StepJockey will be available in French from Autumn 2014. Anyone who would like French StepJockey signs before should contact the StepJockey Team.

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