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Use stairclimbing to boost energy and avoid the post-lunch slump

Most of us lack energy at some point during the day and this is particularly common just after lunchtime. Sugar and caffeine might feel like a good, quick solution, but physical activity is the most effective way to keep your energy levels up and promote health and wellness during your working day.

Climbing the stairs is the perfect way to achieve a feeling of wellness at work because it releases endorphins – the body’s feel-good chemicals. When they’re released into the brain through exercise, they can help to make you feel happier and promote a feeling of wellbeing.

Any exercise that raises the heart rate and releases endorphins is also going to raise your energy levels. This boost will last longer and feel healthier than a trip to the vending machine or the coffee shop.

Quick fixes to boost energy

When you’re feeling shattered and in need of motivation, a few deep breaths and simple stretches will improve your circulation and help to wake you. Stretches, such as linking your hands and pushing your arms above your head, or extending your legs in front of you and pointing and flexing your toes, can easily be done sitting at your desk.

Another great pick-me-up when you’re feeling tired at your desk is to ask your workmates or a friend to join you for a stair climb. They're probably feeling the slump too and getting others involved will encourage a positive sense of wellness in the workplace. By climbing together, it’ll become less of a chore and more of a habit and regular part of your daily routine.

Harriet, 44, regularly suffered a post-lunch lull: "The idea of exercise waking me up made perfect sense, but putting it into practise was the last thing I felt like doing." In the end her co-worker persuaded her to try stair climbing together for a couple of days during their lunch break.

"The thought of walking up the stairs was worse than actually doing it and having someone to do it with was the incentive I needed. I definitely felt more energised throughout the afternoon and have continued taking the stairs when I can."

The StepJockey smartphone app logs the amount of calories you burn and helps you keep a track of how you’re doing over time. Share it with your colleagues for extra motivation.

Keeping hydrated by drinking fluids will also keep you energised and focused. Try to refill your glass, or a bottle, regularly and avoid fizzy drinks or drinks containing caffeine.

Remember, taking time out of your day to climb the stairs will not only give you more energy but it will help you to concentrate, increase productivity and give you a sense of wellness at work.

Take some time now to rate your stairs and get the whole building moving!

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