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What the experts are saying about StepJockey

StepJockey is about prompting behaviour change and promoting health and fitness for everyone a little bit at a time. We asked experts in the field of health and fitness to tell us why they think StepJockey is working.

Here’s what they said:

Matt Jameson Evans, surgeon and founder of Health Unlocked, Europe’s largest social network for patients 

“Using a crowdsourced approach to tackle issues like obesity and lack of physical activity is the key. StepJockey is viral: it takes just one person to rate a building for calorie burn to get everyone in that building involved.” 

Sir Muir Gray, Chief Knowledge Officer to the NHS 

“Every building should promote its stairs and StepJockey can help with that. Climbing up stairs builds stronger leg muscles, joints and hearts. I say down with lifts, up with stairs.”

Jim McManus, Director of Public Health, Hertfordshire County Council 

“StepJockey takes the evidence and insights from social and behavioural sciences and turns them into something simple and easy to take up. Our return in terms of reduced carbon emissions and healthier employees will far exceed the small initial investment.” 

Professor Alan Batterham, Professor of Exercise Science, Teesside University 

“StepJockey helps individuals to build a vigorous physical activity into their daily routine and is an excellent, time-efficient way to increase fitness and control weight. Stair climbing is also a surprisingly powerful form of exercise and has benefits that go beyond weight loss. It reduces the risk of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and breast and colon cancers.” 

Louisa Ells, specialist advisor on obesity to Public Health England 

“Stair climbing is a great way of seamlessly building more physical activity into your everyday life. StepJockey provides a fantastic motivational aid to encourage stair climbing that is free for everyone to use.“ 

Boris Johnson, The Mayor of London 

“Anything that gets people more active and helps tackle obesity is a good thing in my book. This initiative is a great mix of old fashioned common sense and smart technology to track and incentivise.” 

 John Allison, occupational health consultant 

“I want people to understand the relationship between the exercise and calorie expenditure and StepJockey is the perfect tool for that. It’s is easy to implement and my clients love the motivational messages and the information about the calorie burn”. 

Ann Gates, Founder, Exercise Works 

"At least 30 minutes of regular exercise is an essential part of everyday living, especially if you are sitting down at work. StepJockey provides a unique way of getting the right amount of exercise, in a fun and effective way. Exercise like this is for sharing, daily!" 

Lord Howe, Health Minister 

“It is really important that we all do as much exercise as we can to reduce the risk of preventable illness and lead longer, healthier lives. Tackling inactivity is one of the challenges facing the NHS today and one of the reasons why we have awarded StepJockey funding through our Small Business Research Initiative.” 

Councillor Teresa Heritage, Hertfordshire County Council 

"StepJockey is a good way of keeping our workforce healthy and reducing electricity and carbon costs on lifts too, so it makes financial and health sense. We know that keeping staff healthy pays off for staff and for employers, and activity during the working day helps people cope with stress and fight off infections. StepJockey is a win-win for us." 

The world is your gym and through StepJockey you can positively label it as such. Start today by rating the stairs in your life.

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