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Why I took up the StepJockey stair climbing challenge

Over the last four weeks teams at Thurrock Council have been one of many organisations battling it out in a StepJockey stair climbing challenge

The health-giving challenge has seen them collectively burn the calories it would take to climb Everest and between the teams they have clocked up the following impressive vital statistics:

  • 59,000 calories burned
  • 518 individual climbs tracked
  • 254,456 metres climbed
  • 569,131 steps taken

One player, Ryan, was a big motivator for his team and posted the following article on the Thurrock Council intranet. We loved what he had to say:

"On the morning of the first day of the StepJockey Challenge, as I stood at the bottom of the East Staircase with my phone in hand ready to scan the sign, a passer-by asked me if I was, 'Really bothering with this?'

Before my first step, I considered what he had said and thought back over the reasons why I was getting involved with the StepJockey challenge.

A few days before the StepJockey Challenge began, I introduced my colleagues to the concept and suggested that it could be fun if we set up a team. The response was fairly positive and the promise of trophies and prizes for winning teams and individuals certainly provided an added incentive to some of the more competitive members of my team - including me! Seven colleagues agreed to join me and start our own StepJockey team, and so Flight of the QA Housing was born.

My reasons for participating in the Challenge go beyond simply having a competitive nature. I have recently moved from a job where I spent eight hours a day on my feet and following Christmas and the New Year, I have been eager to find a way to squeeze some exercise into my day. StepJockey seemed a perfect fit and like me, members of my team have been going out of their way to increase their stair usage.

Walking up and down the stairs, it is clear to see that the number of people using the stairs has increased, and seeing new faces taking part has a real feel-good factor to it. Despite queues at the lifts being shorter as more people are taking to the stairs, many members of my team feel that it is just as easy and sometimes a little bit quicker to simply walk up to our floor.

StepJockey has added a new social dimension to our workday too. As a team we regularly review our positions on the team and individual leaderboards, encouraging one another to try and beat the previous day’s total or to catch up with the person or team that may have just overtaken us. It has added a common goal for us to achieve, all the while being beneficial for our health as individuals.

Yesterday, I again saw the passer-by standing at the lifts, patiently waiting their turn. I have often thought about what they asked me on that first morning as I have been travelling on the stairs and if I am truly honest, it has helped to drive me towards my goal."

"In answer to your question passer-by, it turns out that I am really bothering with this, and I’m really pleased to be doing it too."

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