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Why stair climbing challenges are so good for your business

Numerous organisations have launched StepJockey stair climbing challenges since our gamification system went live in November. The data feedback shows they are not just driving workplace wellness but teamworking and engagement too. Here’s why.


Our stair climbing challenges take place within the workplace, which means they’re extremely easy to implement. People benefit from the fact that physical activity can be seamlessly built into the working day, so participation levels - at up to 30% - are correspondingly high. Moreover, because StepJockey challenges take place within the workplace, associated productivity gains - time saved, carbon offset - feed directly into your bottom line.      

Redefine exercise

Our stair climbing challenges not only help to transform buildings, they can redefine what exercise means for individuals. Often people believe that exercise means they have to join a gym, run a marathon or sign up to a team sport. By participating in a stair climbing challenge they learn that incidental physical activity (general movement throughout the day) is the key to breaking sedentary habits and establishing good long term health. In surveys more than 60% felt healthier as a result of taking part in one of our challenges.               

Data feedback

The rich data feedback that comes with every StepJockey stair climbing challenge, ensures those overseeing the initiative can instantly see the impact it is having. They can access the total calorie burn, steps taken, journeys made and number of players taking part in real-time and break it down by age and gender as they see fit. This makes for easy wellness and CSR reporting, as well as providing real transparency on return-on-investment (RoI).

Value for money  

Compared with a lot of workplace wellness initiatives, which require companies to pay for membership or purchase individual devices for every employee, launching a StepJockey stair climbing challenge is excellent value. Employees use their own smart phones to take part so all employers need to do is pop up the StepJockey signs and buy a challenge. On average running a month long challenge costs no more than £2.50 per employee.   

Genuinely inclusive

A lot of wellness initiatives appeal only to that small minority who are already fit and healthy. Our validated research shows that StepJockey stair climbing challenges appeal to those that are much harder-to-reach, especially women, the overweight and those that do very little exercise. The reasons for this are disarmingly simple. Stair climbing requires no special time to be set aside and can be built into your working day. It requires no special sports skills or prowess.  And - perhaps most important of all - its something nearly all of us can do without worrying about making a fool of ourselves in front of colleagues. In short, there is no need for Lycra!

Constructive competition

StepJockey stair climbing challenges enable for fun and constructive competition within a workforce. As a company you come together to achieve a common goal (climb Everest) but within that there is plenty of teamplay and competition. Real-time league tables, email notifications, virtual badges, avatars and weekly updates all add to the fun and drive behaviour change. In surveys, over 75% of participants rate StepJockey stair climbing challenges as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.

Easy to plan and launch

Unlike some workplace wellness initiatives where employers have to invest upfront for kit, which is often discarded after a few weeks, a StepJockey stair climbing challenge requires no gizmos or sports equipment. Our challenges use the employee’s smart phone to track activity so there are no barriers to entry. Just issue the sign-up URL for your organisation and let your people go. In follow-up surveys, 80-90% of employees said it was easy take part in the challenge.

Habit forming

For some, taking part in a StepJockey stair climbing challenge can literally be life-changing. Stair climbing is an easy habit to form and once you have got it, people tend to carry it into all aspects of their life - the daily commute, the museum stairs, the stairs at home. Kick-starting exercise and improving overall wellbeing is what StepJockey is all about. The evidence is clear that small steps, sustainably and habitually taken are the best way to build wellness over time.

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