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Why stair climbing is the perfect way to take a break at work

It’s a well-known fact that taking regular short breaks at work can have lots of positive benefits. Add a stair climb into your time out and your break becomes a complete work out for body and mind.

We all need to take breaks from work but if you’re in a desk-bound job, or doing repetitive tasks, it’s even more important to build some physical activity into your breaks. And, stair climbing is a perfect way to do this.

So, here’s a 10 reasons why taking a break from your work - and climbing stairs while you’re at it -  is good for you:

  1. Moving around and stair climbing improves muscles tone
  2. Climbing will help you to relax and prevent you from becoming stiff and tense
  3. A short burst of physical activity will increase your concentration and help boost your productivity
  4. It will help to improve your alertness and work speed
  5. Climbing stairs will help to lower your levels of stress and can be a great way to help you think more clearly
  6. It gets you away from a computer screen so can help with any eye strain issues 
  7. Helps to lower your BMI 
  8. Improves musculoskeletal disorders by building bone strength
  9. It’s an easy way to inject a short burst of physical activity into your day 
  10. You’ll like your job more!

There are a few tell-tale signs that you might want to take a break and these include:

  • Feeling tired
  • Yawning

  • Feeling restless

  • Struggling to concentrate

  • Feeling bored

  • Distracting your work colleagues!

Remember too, taking a break is not wasting time.When you take regular breaks, the quality of your work will improve. It can be very tempting to keep ploughing on with your work just to get the job done. Over time this can lead to long-term health and wellbeing problems.

Taking a quick short break – and, especially if you use it to climb some stairs – will help you feel better about your work. It will give you a chance to refocus, prevent you become exhausted and help you have a healthier work-life balance. 

The quality of your break is more important than how long it is. As long as your attention is diverted from the work you were doing, just a few minutes can be enough. That’s why stair climbing is perfect. Most buildings have stairs, so use them and, if you like to be social at work, invite your colleagues to join you on a climb. It can be fun!

The StepJockey iPhone app logs the time and date of your climb, as well as the calorie burn, so you can use it to help you keep track of your climbing breaks.      

So, come on, add a regular stair climbing break to your working day and see the difference it makes. 

To find out more about the health benefits of stair climbing read the Science Behind StepJockey.

Thanks to InterOffice for kindly loaning us their lovely desk and beautiful chair for the photo shoot.

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