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Women love the benefits of stair climbing

During the StepJockey pilot we conducted a number of different stair climbing tests and trials in three large office buildings, over a six-week period. 

The research covered more than 250,000 stair/lift journeys and gained us a wealth of qualitative and quantitative information about the impact StepJockey could have on people working in offices.

One of the most interesting and positive findings was the wide reach StepJockey had among women. Especially those who were both busy and reluctant to go to the gym or fitness classes, and therefore rarely exercised.

Take a hypothetical 45-year-old woman living in London, our home town. Her stats illustrate just how much impact StepJockey can have over a working year. 

By taking the stairs at the Elephant & Castle tube station and then climbing the stairs instead of using the lift in her five story office office twice a day, she seamlessly builds short bursts of physical activity into her day.

As a result she burns an extra 76.5 calories each working day. Over a year (230 working days) this adds up to 17,595 additional calories burnt, which is equivalent to 8.5 days food or 2.3kg of pure fat. That’s enough to mover her BMI from the overweight to the healthy weight category.

Read the full findings and research about stair climbing at the heart of the StepJockey initiative.

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