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Your Office is your Personal Gym - Exercises to Keep you Healthy in 2019

Over the course of a lifetime, a huge proportion of time is spent at work. If you have a very active job then you are fortunate enough to be able to get exercise into your working day. However, many jobs are becoming increasingly desk-based, meaning that workers are struggling to get any physical activity into their working hours. For many, that means around 8 hours of sitting and that is before you even factor in additional sitting like sitting in the car, on the Tube etc. or sat at home eating dinner and watching TV.

Did you know that sedentary lifestyles are largely to blame for serious health issues like obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease? This is why it is so important to focus more on ways that we can add more physical activity into our daily lives.

This is a great time of year to make a New Year’s resolution to factor more exercise into your day and help to combat the health problems that come with sedentary living. Here are some exercises that you can seamlessly fit into your working day, without the need to find an extra hour’s window of time and improving your wellbeing at work.

The exercises below have been specially chosen by our brand ambassador Juliana Campos. They are easy to do, require no special equipment and can be incorporated into your working day. Check out the eight great exercises and tips below along with some fantastic videos from Juliana showing you just how to do them.

1. Leg extensions

Extending your legs fully helps to strengthen your leg and bottom muscles and you can even add some ankle weights to make it even more effective. Raise your seat so that your feet are just above floor level when seated and extend your legs at the knee, holding in the extended position for a couple of seconds. Repeat this as often as you can.

2. Tying your shoelaces

It might not seem like an exercise but it's something you have to everyday and with this tip you can help stretch out your leg muscles in the morning. Rather than sit down to tie your laces in the morning do them in a standing position as our brand ambassador Juliana Campos demonstrates in the video below.

3. Standing at your desk

If your company does not offer standing desks that you can use, then you can try incorporating more standing at your desk by taking calls whilst standing. If you work with a mobile phone then when you can walk around with your phone, take the opportunity. You might feel it won’t make much difference but over the course of years, it really will!

4. Switch the lift for the stairs

Stair climbing is a really effective form of exercise and as well as toning legs and bottoms, it is a great calorie burner. So if you work in a building with staircases, you can easily factor more stair climbing into your day by taking the stairs more often. Even ten minutes of stair climbing each day will all add to the cause.

5. Triceps dips

More of an exercise for homeworkers or people with their own office (or those who don’t mind co-workers giving them strange looks!). All you need is a sturdy desk to do triceps dips on, helping to strengthen your upper arms without the need for any gym equipment, as you use your bodyweight to do the workout.

6. Replace internal emails and calls for desk visits

If you communicate with other people in the building through email and over the telephone, then you have plenty of opportunities to add more walking into your day. Sometimes details can get misunderstood in emails, so a face-to-face conversation can be more useful and it helps to build relationships rather than just pinging an email. The next time you are about to send an email to the guy in the next department, go over and talk to him instead!

7. Use your lunchbreak wisely

Even if you have brought your lunch into work, rather than eating it at your table, go for a walk each lunchtime. Not only does a break from your screen help you to be more productive, being outdoors can give you a little boost of vitamin D (especially in the sunnier months). Even just 20 minutes walking around the office block will give you a big boost in terms of your weekly exercise.

8. The Jesus Christ

This is a great exercise to improve your posture, particularly if you have been hunched over your desk all day. All you need is a quiet moment and a wall to do this exercise. Remember to focus on keeping your shoulders down and your neck stretched. Just three minutes a day and you'll help improve your posture as well as strengthen your core. Check out the video below with our brand ambassador Juliana Campos to see how the exercise is done.

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