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JLL’s EMEA HQ at 30 Warwick Street, London was undergoing a major refurbishment in 2014, introducing new workplace practices, environmental standards and active design principles to improve staff health and wellbeing.

The problem

The property giant, JLL was looking for a fun and engaging way to tackle sedentary behaviour and cut energy use in its buildings.

Mark Francis, UK Environment Manager for JLL, was interested in encouraging greater stair use as it saves time and energy, as well as keeping staff active. This holistic approach is at the core of JLL's sustainability programme “Building for Tomorrow”.

What happened?

The company installed StepJockey Smart Signs in their Warwick Street offices in January 2015. The Smart Signs allow employees to use StepJockey’s free app to set fitness goals and track their stair use. In just a month of launch, stair use was up markedly.

“It quite quickly became apparent that the StepJockey initiative was not only very successful at moving staff away from the lifts, but it was also strongly rooted in improving staff health and wellbeing", said Francis.  

“The return on investment, when including the health and wellbeing elements alongside carbon and energy savings, makes the initiative incredibly affordable”.

The result

JLL ran its first stair climbing challenge in March 2015, in which staff joined together to burn the equivalent calories as a team climbing Everest.

Additional JLL offices across the country, from Birmingham to Norwich, joined in with the challenge using StepJockey’s free paper signs, making this a truly inclusive event.

Mr. Francis added: “We were able to get other offices involved, and it made the whole competition feel really inclusive. People were all playing in teams with their colleagues, and it was fun to see the competition between different office locations.

“In the future we would be interested to run this internationally and include our overseas offices. It’s such a simple idea, taking the stairs instead of the lift, but everyone gets a lot out of it. Staff are saying they feel healthier and more energised, and it also really reduces lift usage to improve traffic flow in our offices”.

JLL followed through with StepJockey’s Tour de France Challenge in July 2015. An incredible 156,092 calories were burned across the two challenges.

A stair climbing revolution

Since launch StepJockey has rated more than 12,000 stairways for calorie-burn, encouraging people across the world to take to the stairs to kick start physical activity. StepJockey’s health-promoting Smart Signs and gamification platform are widely used by large corporates and organisations including Proctor & Gamble, Deloitte, NHS, Lloyds of London, Legal and General, Public Health England and KPMG.

StepJockey offers a range of Challenge packages for organisations of all size, and the company has now run more than 40 stair climbing Challenges internationally. The Challenges have been shown to increase stair usage up to 800%, and in trials, 92% of those who took part in a challenge said they felt that stair climbing would become a habit.

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