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Legal & General Group has been helping families and businesses protect their properties and investments since 1836 and today help over 10 million people worldwide.

The company supports many workplace wellness initiatives including Business in the Community - Workplace Wellness and the Public Health Responsibility Deal run by the Department of Health. 

The problem

Legal and General is continually looking to find new, evidence based, initiatives to encourage staff to be more physically active.

What happened?

Legal & General approached StepJockey in late 2014 and began by labelling the stairs in four offices for calorie burn including its head office at Coleman Street in London. When the signs alone were installed stair use increased by between 20% and 50% across each site.

In February 2015, Legal & General ran its first StepJockey challenge and climbed Everest on their stairs. This saw stair use soar by more than 3,710%, meaning staff burned more than 107,947 calories across the organisation.

Alyson Bowcott, the Legal & General executive in-charge of the project, explains: "The idea was to give people who don’t like exercise or couldn’t see how to incorporate it into their day an easy way to do so. It was the gentle competitive element that really made the difference".

The result

Following on from the success of their first challenge, Legal & General labelled another two offices with StepJockey smart signs and started the World Towers stair climbing challenge in October 2015. This saw 39 teams from across the organisation burn thousands of calories and boost health and reduce the companies carbon footprint.

Legal & General reported added benefits, particularly the positive impact StepJockey had on staff communications and networking.

"People in the teams would often have lunch together and so it’s been a really good way of encouraging bonding. The more naturally athletic ones encourage the others to do more so it’s a nice way to get people working together positively and having a bit of fun". Bowcott said.

What the client said about us

A disarmingly simple but powerful initiative that encourages exercise as well as reducing carbon emissions

Nigel Wilson, Chief Executive at Legal and General Group

A stair climbing revolution

Since launch StepJockey has rated more than 12,000 stairways for calorie-burn, encouraging people across the world to take to the stairs to kick start physical activity. StepJockey’s health-promoting Smart Signs and gamification platform are widely used by large corporates and organisations including Proctor & Gamble, Deloitte, NHS, Lloyds of London, Legal and General, Public Health England and KPMG.

StepJockey offers a range of Challenge packages for organisations of all size, and the company has now run more than 40 stair climbing Challenges internationally. The Challenges have been shown to increase stair usage up to 800%, and in trials, 92% of those who took part in a challenge said they felt that stair climbing would become a habit.

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