Merton Council

The sky's the limit for local government offices in south London after Merton Council staff upped their game with multiple StepJockey challenges.

The problem

Merton Council’s Public Health team were looking to engage staff to use the stairs more often to boost their health and reduce pressure on the lifts. When the lifts at the Civic Centre were going to be refurbished, they saw an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

What happened?

Merton installed StepJockey’s Smart Signs throughout its fourteen-storey building. The signs nudge people towards the stairways and let passers-by know how many calories they can burn by taking the stairs instead of the lift.

The result

Within days, stair use started to increase as staff started tracking their progress with the free StepJockey smartphone app. Merton then launched its first stair climbing challenge. It was a great success as staff joined together to tackle the epic Everest Challenge. In just a month, they had scaled the world’s tallest mountain on the stairs and burnt an awe-inspiring 74,223 calories.

"We needed a way to encourage our staff away from the lifts and onto the stairs not only because some of the lifts needed renovating, but also because we wanted to improve our staff’s health and wellbeing", said Barry Causer, Public Health Commissioning Manager. "StepJockey provided a great solution for both points."

Building on success, Merton Council launched a second stair climbing challenge. It valiantly stepped up to be the first organisation to run StepJockey’s then newly launched World Towers Challenge.

Over the course of four weeks, challenge participants burned on average 4,000 calories every working day. As they raced through the challenge, climbing the equivalent of eight of the tallest buildings in the world, over 81,000 calories were burned in total.

Causer said: "It was really encouraging to see that our second challenge was even more successful than the first. Our staff loved the team element of the challenges, it was great that people could take part with their friends and it definitely provided a more supportive atmosphere. Saying that, there was still plenty of competitive spirit. I’m really proud of our staff for what they’ve achieved and am looking forward to the next challenge."

What our client said about us  

The Everest Challenge made an incredible difference to reducing pressure on the lifts, it was really effective

Barry Causer, Public Health Commissioning Manager 

A stair climbing revolution

Since launch StepJockey has rated more than 12,000 stairways for calorie-burn, encouraging people across the world to take to the stairs to kick start physical activity. StepJockey’s health-promoting Smart Signs and gamification platform are widely used by large corporates and organisations including Proctor & Gamble, Deloitte, NHS, Lloyds of London, Legal and General, Public Health England and KPMG.

StepJockey offers a range of Challenge packages for organisations of all size, and the company has now run more than 40 stair climbing Challenges internationally. The Challenges have been shown to increase stair usage up to 800%, and in trials, 92% of those who took part in a challenge said they felt that stair climbing would become a habit.

To find out more about how StepJockey can help you create a culture of lasting healthy habits at work contact the team today at 0203 397 8377.

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