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Property managers all around the world are increasingly focused on the health of their buildings. The rise of health building certifications such as LEED, FitWel and WELL reflect this shift in the industry. The benefits of working towards an accreditation such as Fitwel are numerous for property managers.

  • Positioning your property as forward thinking and innovative.
  • Helping attract and retain tenants to your building due to commitment to building health
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of your building
  • Improving the health of your building occupants.

How can StepJockey Help?

StepJockey fights sedentary behaviour in multi-storey offices by promoting habitual stair use among all staff.

It is evidence based and used by property and facilities managers worldwide to complement and enhance wider initiatives that contribute towards a LEED accreditation.

Our unique smart signs and gamification platform enable facilities managers to make their properties visibly healthier and more active as well as helping comply with aspects of a Fitwel certification without the need for large-scale capital investment. StepJockey helps with these aspects of LEED accreditation:

  • Place signage encouraging stair use for health and other benefits at all elevator call areas, next to escalators and outside stairwells on each floor.
  • Use inviting sensory stimulation such as artwork and/or music in stairwells.

StepJockey has labelled more than 16,000 staircases in over 100 countries. Clients include large property management companies as well as many corporate clients and public authorities.

Get in touch to arrange a meeting with one of Workplace Health Specialists and find out how we can help you achieve a LEED certification in your building.

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A disarmingly simple but powerful initiative that encourages exercise as well as reducing carbon emissions

Nigel Wilson, Chief Executive at Legal and General Group
Nigel Wilson client stepjockey

Our employees really engaged with the StepJockey challenge and it created a wonderful atmosphere within the building

Rebecca Abrahams, Wellbeing Project Officer at the City of London Corporation
Rebecca Abrahams client