StepJockey beacons, Smart Signs, and standing desk Smart Signs

Consultancy services

We are expert in active design and behaviour change. Our Fitwel certified consultants (and WELL certified partners) can help you gain healthy building certification

  • Get advice on the right certification scheme for your business
  • Know where you stand with an initial audit of your buildings
  • Maximise your score pre-certification, with a smart range of simple changes
  • Run 'nudge' workshops to understand and maximise staff behaviour change

Stunning stair art

Brighten your stairways and incentivise your people to keep active. We work with talented artists who can create beautiful, bespoke artwork for your stairwells

  • Evoke awe and pride in all aspects of your building
  • Make your stairs a pleasure to enter and use
  • Make better use of a paid-for space
  • Wide Choice of treatments, designs and styles

Standing desk Smart Signs

Now you can motivate standing desk use with our beautiful standing desk signs. Available separately or embedded in a range of amazing standing desks

  • Accurate calorie data for time spent standing
  • QR and NFC tags for easy tracking
  • Compatible with our apps, rewards and challenges
  • Active motivational messaging
  • Seven awesome StepJockey colours

StepJockey partners

We work with a range of specialist and creative partners to help you engage your workforce and build a genuine culture of wellness in your business

Signbox Ltd

Signbox has been creating active and engaging office space for over 30 years. They manufacture our Smart Signs and are our go-to partner for inspirational architectural signs and signage, from concept to installation.

 Woman working using a standing desk
I Want a Standing Desk

Sitting for long periods is bad for you. So we've partnered with I Want a Standing Desk to create a beautiful and portable standing desk you can use with the StepJockey mobile app to track and record your calorie burn.

SVM Associates

SVM Associates are the UK's leading independent specialists in lift efficiency and energy consumption. StepJockey has partnered with SVM to produce a unique algorithm for estimating energy saving through stair use.

luke embden
Luke Embden

Luke is an illustrator who's wowed big corporates with his work, transforming stairs and offices. He's one of several brilliant creatives we work with to make once dull office spaces sing and inspire.