Stepjockey sign about heart rate and carbon emissions Man and woman walking down stairs London's city skyline

StepJockey's FM and Property boost

With 74% of corporate tenants prioritising employee wellness, sedentary buildings are more than just a health risk. StepJockey leverages active design and IoT technologies to quickly create healthier, more productive buildings and...

  • Showcases your commitment to tenant health and staff wellbeing
  • Works for all, not just the already fit minority
  • Complies with the new healthy building standards (WELL, Fitwel, LEED)
  • Allows you to link networked buildings and build tenant communities
  • Cuts lift waiting times, creating time and energy savings
  • Get detailed 'people-flow' data and actionable insights
  • Simple to install and operate in new and existing buildings
  • Makes use of a paid for asset - your stairs
  • Impresses your clients with workplace health innovation

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