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StepJockey is boosting health in offices, large and small, public and private, all over the world. Below you will find user reviews from people who use our product to help build a little more physical activity into their lives everyday. 

“It encouraged me to do more physical activity. I certainly felt a difference, by the end of the month I was using the stairs with much more ease and actually enjoyed doing it!”

HN, Thurrock Council

“Certainly feeling healthier, and having a positive incentive to step away from my desk at regular intervals.”

NS, City of London Corporation

“It made me think about taking the stairs more often. In our building, the stairs are hidden away so I usually don't give a thought to jumping in the lift.” 

PW, Wellcome Trust. Read our full case study here.

“It encouraged less active people to be active and it created an exciting buzz about the place.” 

LT, Walsall Council

“It was an incentive to do exercise every day. It made us feel better and be even more efficient at work.” 

VL, NBC Universal

“Brilliant concept not only for getting fitter and healthier but for team building within organisations.” 

YH, NBC Universal

“It was a really good idea as it actually made me use the stairs more.” 

JR, Legal and General  Read our full case study here.

"Anything that  gets people more active and helps tackle obesety is a good thing in my book. This initiative is a great mix of old fashioned common sense and smart technology to track and incentivise."

Boris Johnson, UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

“StepJockey made me challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone.” 

SP, Royal London Hospital

“It stops you sitting at your desk all day and encourages you to walk up and down the stairs each time you get up for a coffee or bathroom break.” 

JS, Channel 4

“It helped me to keep on track with my new healthy eating regime by adding to my weight loss.” 

JK, Yorkshire Housing

“The challenge helped me to be conscientious to get up and move any chance I could find.” 

LK, GEHA Insurance

“I enjoyed the challenge and receiving the trophies which inspired me to do more and more.” 

SR, Calderdale Council

“It created a bit of internal competition and got a lot more people using the stairs - all good really.” 

JM, Channel 4

“It got the team burning more calories. It was very competitive and a lot of camaraderie. Looking forward to the next one!” 

TH, Merton Council Read full case study here.

"StepJockey provides a unique way of getting the right amounth of exercise, in a fun and effective way. Exercise like this is for sharing, daily!"

Ann Gates, Founder, Exercise Works

“It really encouraged me to get moving and also work toward the goal with my team.” 

RD, CalSTRS Read our full case study here.

“It was good fun. Good way of networking and meet new staff from other departments as we worked on the challenge.” 

WM, Royal London Hospital

“It was great to see so many people using the stairs. A number of folks just used the stairs as their workout, running up and down multiple times in an hour.” 

AW, West Berkshire Council

"Stair climbing is a great way of seamlessly building more physical activity into your everyday life. StepJockey provides a fantastic motivational aid to encourage stair climbing that is free for everyone to use."

Louisa Ells, specialist advisor on obesity to Public Health England

“Great initiative. Good healthy competition that contributed to fitness, morale and team building.” 

VH, Royal London Hospital

“The competitive nature of the event made it fun and I actually looked forward to doing stairs during the day.” 

GM, West Berkshire Council

“We have been doing this for over a year now.” 

YM, Disney Corporation

“Enjoyed exercising during work time. Actually saved me time as waiting for lifts can take longer. Great team spirit as everyone in my team contributed.” 

DR, Royal London Hospital

“I loved the idea of working in the team and burning calories. I think it was a great challenge.” 


“I would not normally take the stairs but love a bit of challenge and got stuck into it.” 

RV, Channel 4

“Changed my habits and now usually take the stairs more often.” 

SD, Wakefield Council

“It was motivating and helped me to push myself. Reduced the amount of time I spent sitting at my desk. I loved bumping into people in the stairwell.” 

RT, Brent Council

Every building should promote its stairs and StepJockey can help with that. Climbing up stairs builds stronger leg muscles, joints and hearts. I say down with lifts, up with stairs." 

Sir Muir Gray, Chief Knowledge Officer, NHS

StepJockey is about promoting fitness for everyone. The world is a gym and through StepJockey we aim to positively label it as such."

Helen Nuki, founder StepJockey


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